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We board dogs in our home so that your beloved fur baby can be hanging out with a loving family while you’re away on for business or for pleasure!  They can relax and have fun while you’re away, so that you’re able to then relax and have fun, or keep your mind on business!

All the best boarding facilities now offer things like twin sized beds, play time with other dogs, and even a television for your dog in order to give them a more home like feel.  We go one better, actually two or three better!  We offer them all the amenities of home including people to love them and other pets to play with while they’re with us.  We do our best to make sure your dog feels special and loved while they’re with us – just the way we want OUR OWN dogs to feel when we have to leave them somewhere!   We will gladly give medications if necessary too.

Boarding Fees are only $20.00 per dog, per night!  Compare that to the $30.00 and $40.00 a night, or sometimes a day (which costs more) and you’ll see why we have so many regulars!

We ask that your dog be up to date on vaccinations and crate trained for sleeping at night.  We crate at night for safety’s sake since we have to sleep sometime too!  🙂

We can provide references upon request!

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